Bankruptcy 63 / B. § information, call

We would like to inform you that in the proceedings listed below, the Bankruptcy Act. 63 / B. § (1) on the basis of the Cstv. After the expiration of the term provided by § 37, we wish to file an application for a simplified liquidation procedure in the court.

The Bankruptcy Act. 63 / B. §. creditors are hereby instructed, if they are aware of the debtor's assets anywhere or to assist in the normal conduct of the proceedings, or if anyone has creditworthy knowledge of the debtor's real estate or other assets (including claims and rights), it must be notified to the liquidator within 15 days.

We inform the former representatives of the debtor under liquidation that if the records or bookkeeping of the business organization are incomplete, the liquidating Bankruptcy Act shall apply. 63 / B. § will initiate a simplified liquidation procedure. The court appointed the head of the debtor's business organization to the liquidator under the Bankruptcy Act. § 59 (5) to reimburse the fee paid in favor of the state, and (if it has submitted a request to that effect before the order is made) to the creditor initiating the liquidation proceedings, to reimburse the fee paid by the creditor and the publication costs, if the simplified the liquidation procedure was carried out due to deficiencies in the accounting and records, or if the chief executive officer did not comply with the annual report, the simplified annual report, the consolidated annual report in a separate legal act in any of the three years prior to the liquidation of the company specific deposit and disclosure obligations.